Digital Kitchener


Digital Kitchener is the City’s strategy to build a smart city that is inclusive, on-demand, connected and innovative. It focuses on investing in technologies, processes and initiatives that support our goals; creating partnerships that strengthen and sustain our initiatives; and telling our story.




Residents and innovators in Kitchener and the broader region.


Actions within the four Digital Kitchener themes are accelerating progress through the following examples. Inclusive: providing opportunities for equitable access to information and digital services, supporting increased digital literacy and skills development for citizens, and creating conversation around digital inclusion. On Demand: providing more centralized information of high value and easy to access, using information in more dynamic ways to inform decision making, and offering digital service options that are convenient and intuitive. Connected: offering communications infrastructure with access and capacity required to remain globally competitive, reimagining wireless access in Kitchener as a more seamless service, and looking beyond traditional uses for existing infrastructure and integrate emerging sensor technologies. Innovative: providing flexible IT solutions internally that support service delivery and process improvement, deploying more mobile solutions and automating more business processes, and testing new service delivery ideas through co-developed initiatives and piloting new concepts.

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Goal 9
Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation


Completed projects include LED street light Conversion, Internet speed testing, tax and utility e-billing, digital inclusion standards, asset tracking, improved digital access and internet through expanded and free public wi-fi in City spaces and facilities, and free public-access computers in community centres, and launch of the Digital Kitchener Innovation Lab in the Communitech Hub to bring new thinking to civic challenges, and explore how digital technologies can improve the lives of residents.

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