Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism Policy, Kitchener


The policy outlines the City of Kitchener’s commitment to develop and foster an organization and workplace where equity, inclusion and anti-racism are core principles which help shape the City’s policies, programs, services and procedures. It also outlines specific actions to address, mitigate and eliminate reacism and oppression at the City including those that: identify and remove systemic barriers; strive for diverse representation of City staff; maintain dedicated staff with lived experience in racism and oppression; provide ongoing training’ and ensure ongoing data collection and public accountability.




Citizens and employees of the City of Kitchener.


Action and change guided by the policy will accelerate SDG implementation by reducing inequalities in accessing City services, programs and employment.

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The deliverable is the policy itself which went into effect in 2021; ongoing review and measurement of its outcomes and impact will follow at a future time.

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Volunteers: The policy was developed in collaboration with a working group of the previous Mayor’s Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, which was largely comprised of community members whose lived experience and expertise in a wide variety of areas directly informed the direction, scope and content of the policy.